About Us

Hey, my name is Paige, and I am the creator of Podgekins!

I’m a 30-something life-long crafter, and mummy to Willow. I’ve been a passionate creative since I was a child, and making is in my DNA. I’ve been a Freelance Social Media Creative Content Creator since 2017 and previously worked in social media management within the Fashion, Beauty, and retail space. With over 10 years social media, branding, and creative content expertise. I now specialise in multi-craft and sewing content, and love sharing my makes online with the sewing community (find my sewing and craft account at @paigejoannaa).

Podgekins came about because over the years I have made various dolls for loved ones, and even attempted to sell toy cats on Etsy back in 2012! I’ve learned so much over the years and I always knew I wanted to focus on something that brought me joy. I’ve had a personal interest in nostalgia and silly toys all my life and my wedding theme was retro 90s toys like Furby, Legos, and more! I made my niece a dolly in 2020, and I started to fall in love with the process of bringing dolls to life. This is when the idea of Podgekins came about and I originally was going to make and sell dolls during lockdown, which never came to fruition! Fast forward to 2023, I wanted to discover what brings me joy and since becoming a mum in 2021, after some much needed soul searching I kept coming back to my love of silly, funny things combined with my expertise in sewing and crafts - That is when Podgekins was born! When I thought of the concept everything truly clicked into place, I started sketching all my ideas, and suddenly it all seemed to flow. 

Now I am super proud of how the brand is coming together, and everything I have planned for it to come. I hope you love the vibe as much as I do, and thank you for becoming a Podgekins pal. Stay tuned for the journey because I think you're going to love what I have planned. 

All the best, thanks so much for stopping by and for choosing Podgekins. 

Paige xx


At Podgekins, we celebrate the art of crafting with intention. Our doll sewing patterns and craft kits are not just about creating beautiful dolls; they are a celebration of nostalgia, playfulness, diversity, mindfulness, and personalisation. We invite you to craft for the sheer joy of it, embracing the delightful journey of bringing each doll to life.

Our ethos revolves around creating connections – connections between generations, as each doll becomes a cherished link between past and present. Craft with the purpose of personalisation, where every stitch tells a unique story, reflecting the personality and dreams of the creator. Whether you’re creating the doll for yourself, or someone you love we want to share the magical feeling of doll making.

We are passionate about diversity and believe our Podgekins dolls can be crafted with anyone in mind. We will be adding resources, templates, and other add-ons to our patterns, and accessories to enable personalisation so that you can create a bespoke doll to suit your style, look, lifestyle, and feel.

At our core, we want to evoke joy, and believe creativity, and making is good for the soul, good for your mental health, and a great outlet for your inner child. Our dolls don’t need to be made from expensive materials, they are the perfect scrap-busting sewing project making them a more environmentally sustainable option. Immerse yourself in the world of imaginative crafting, where each doll pattern is a gateway to endless possibilities. Creative play begins with Podgekins.

Each month we will be donating 5% of the proceeds to charities important to us. We believe in making good things and doing good things! For that reason, Podgekins donates 5% of all proceeds to a rotating selection of charities close to our heart, and organisations we really value. 

For more information, pop us an email at: HeyPodgekins@gmail.com


  1. Are you dolls for sale?Not yet, we aren't selling any physical ready made dolls right now, Podgekins is a sewing pattern and craft brand, designed to bring YOU at home the patterns and templates to make your very own Podgekins. We are keen sewers and want to share the love of doll making with the world.

  2. What happens when I purchase a digital product?You should receive an email from Shopify with the download link to the files. We use an app built into our website, so any concerns please pop us an email.

  3. What charities are you donating to?We want to rotate through various charities but with a focus on childrens organisations. 2 of which are our current charities we support: Save The Children UK, and The PCRF.

  4. Do you have any free patterns?At the moment no, but we hope to bring lots of free additional patterns, sewing tutorials, templates, and other nifty things to the blog soon. You can sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about all the free, and new things.

  5. Can I get a refund on my purchase?Due to the nature of digital products, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for orders. Please make sure to check your cart, and that you are happy to purchase.

  6. Can I make the Podgekins Doll Sewing Pattern to sell? No, the Podgekins Sewing Patterns are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not make, and sell the dolls for profit. They can be made and sold for charity raffles, donations to schools or organisations etc, but please do no re-sell them. If you're still unsure please get in touch.

  7. Can I share the pattern with others? Please do not share the pattern, each one takes months of hard work, and years of expertise to craft - If you pass the patterns on, that is lovely for the person you're giving them to but please be mindful of the time that has gone into making them and that we do need to make a profit as a business in order to continue creating beautiful things.

  8. I have never sewn before, can I make a Podgekins Dolly?Our patterns are designed for beginners, right through to confident sewers. If you have never used a sewing machine before you might find some of the steps a little bit confusing or delicate, we recommend building some basic knowledge and confidence first before tackling the Podgekins patterns, just so you can come to them with a clearer idea and really enjoy the process.

  9. Will you be adding any helpful resources for mobility concerns? YES! We are really passionate about making sure our patterns are as accessible as possible. We are working behind the scenes to get helpful blog content, and other resources available to guide anyone who may need a little extra support. 

Any other questions we haven't covered? Get in touch at Heypodgekins@gmail.com