Introducing Podgekins! Cute, fun, and easy doll sewing patterns

Introducing Podgekins! Cute, fun, and easy doll sewing patterns

Experience the joy of doll-making with our charming Podgekins Doll Sewing Pattern. Designed to bring adorable, unique, and personalised dolls to life! The Podgekins Cloth Doll is infused with creativity, and whimsy, embodying a cute and silly aesthetic we know you’re going to love. The pattern includes a carefully designed face template, various hair options, a dress clothing pattern, and other delightful templates and personalisation suggestions. Continue reading t ofind out more about the new brand, the first pattern we are launching, and more on what's to come!


Firstly, why Podgekins?

Podgekins came about because over the years I have made various dolls for loved ones, and even attempted to sell toy cats on Etsy back in 2012! I’ve learned so much over the years and I always knew I wanted to focus on something that brought me joy. I’ve had a personal interest in nostalgia and silly toys all my life and my wedding theme was retro 90s toys like Furby, Legos, and more! I made my niece a dolly in 2020, and I started to fall in love with the process of bringing dolls to life. This is when the idea of Podgekins came about and I originally was going to make and sell dolls during lockdown, which never came to fruition! Fast forward to 2023, I wanted to discover what brings me joy again since becoming a mum in 2021, after some much needed soul searching I kept coming back to my love of silly, funny things combined with my expertise in sewing and crafts - That is when Podgekins was born! When I thought of the concept everything truly clicked into place, I started sketching all my ideas, and suddenly it all seemed to flow. 

Now I am super proud of how the brand is coming together, and everything I have planned. I hope you love the vibe as much as I do, they truly are such a passion project, and joy to work on. 

What we want Podgekins to achieve:

We encourage you to craft purely for the joy it brings, embracing the delightful process of bringing your doll to life. Add your own stamp to the dolls and let your unique personality shine, creating something that truly reflects your personal style.

We want to evoke joy, and believe creativity, and making is good for the soul, good for your mental health, and a great outlet for your inner child. Our dolls don’t need to be made from expensive materials, they are the perfect scrap-busting sewing project. We recommend being a ‘confident beginner’ sewist to make this pattern, but our instructions have lots of helpful tips, and tricks to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Immerse yourself in the world of imaginative crafting, where each doll can be made with endless possibilities. 

What you will get when you order:

- Digital download sewing patterns in both A4, and US Letter.

- Digital download full colour instruction manual that can be read digitally. 

- A project to feel inspired, joyful, and excited about! 

What the pattern includes:

- X1 beautiful cloth doll, complete with an adorable face template, and a rounded bottom so it can independently sit down! Perfect for tea parties, and lots more creative play!

- X1 multi-use dress pattern, to make an A-line style of dress, and a gathered skirt style of dress, with an optional flutter sleeve. 

- Instructions and templates to make either wool hair, or felt hair. The personalisation options are designed to be diverse, so your dolly can really reflect you, or a loved one. 

- Other templates to accessorise the doll with either a crown, or hair buns. 

Who is it for?

We recommend this sewing pattern for confident beginners. We have spent months designing the dolly, and having it tested so you can purchase with confidence. The majority of the seam allowances are 1cm (unless otherwise stated) which is larger than usual for a cloth dolly. We did this to make them as beginner friendly as possible, whilst still allowing us the ability to have the seated bottom, and cute shape of the doll. 

We recommend already having experience sewing on a machine, but this is a pattern open to anyone who wants to give it a try and we hope our extensive instructions guide you smoothly along the way. We have other FREE supporting content on our blog, and YouTube channel if you need a little extra support. 

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