10 Creative ways to play with your Podgekins Doll

10 Creative ways to play with your Podgekins Doll

Hey Podgekins pals! In this blog post we wanted to list 10 Creative ways to play with your Podgekins Doll! Our doll sewing patterns are designed to be played with, and to have lots of fun coming up with awesome role play games, to use your imagination and immerse yourself in a world of Podgekins adventures. Continue reading to find out more.

1. Podgekins Picnic:

We had to start off with the Podgekins picnic because we recently went on our very own picnic, with one of our Podgekins pals! Get yourself a basket, blanket, and some yummy lunch, dinner, or snacks and set off to eat alfresco with friends. Your Podgekins Dolls can enjoy the outdoors, whilst sipping on a lovely cup of tea (make sure to pack your tea set). Twirl around under the sunset, dance to music, and enjoy some beautiful fresh air. This is a great way to play with your Podgekins that also combines imaginative role play, nature, and socialising - what a great combo!

2. Ice Cream Shop:

A great rainy day activity; set up a pretend ice Cream shop! If you have an ice cream play set then amazing but if not you can make some by rolling up paper or card into cone shapes, and making a scrunched up ball of paper for the 'ice cream'. Use your imagination, and get your Podgekins to serve up some scoops in a pretend ice cream shop. 

3. Dress Up Play:

If your little one loves playing dress up, why not make a Podgekins doll dress to match the theme of your childs favourite dress up outfit, so they can wear them together for extra fun! 

4. Hide & Seek:

Take it in turns to hide your Podgekins Doll somewhere in the house (that's safe to get to of course), whilst the other person looks away - then go searching for where they are hiding! To make it extra fun you could make a treasure map, or clues! 

5. Beauty Parlour:

Want to personalise your Podgekins Doll with some cute 'makeup' or hair accessories? Make it into a game! We have a tutorial coming soon on how to use watercolour pencils for your dolls cheek tint, so you could pretend you're taking your Dolly to the beauty parlour. Plait the wool hair, and add some fun hair clips, bows, and accessories. 

6. Build a Den:

Who doesn't love a cosy den, and a movie night? Cuddle up with your Podgekins, in a homemade den - Add some twinkly fairy lights, a bowl of popcorn, and an extra little blanket for your dolly to also feel snuggly. 

7. Nature Walks: 

Pack your Podgekins Dolly in a basket, or backpack and set off on a nature walk! It doesn't matter if it's raining, welly boots and puddles are extra fun! Collect wild flowers, look for bugs, and involve your dolly by asking your little one to get dolly to help you look for things on a nature checklist. This could be categorised by plant, mini beast, or colour! 

8. Sleeping 'Bunnies':

Fancy making your Podgekins some bunny ears? Or just pretend they're a bunny! Sing the classic sleeping bunnies song, whilst you, your little one, and your podgekins pretend to sleep, and then hop like bunnies to the song! 

9. Doctors & Nurses: 

A classic role play game! Look after and care for your Podgekins with some TLC, maybe they need a few extra stitches in their arms, or some repairing to their hair - Get your little 'doctor' on the case! With some adult help, you can show them how you mend dolly, to look after them. 

10. On the Farm:

Last but not least, play pretend farm! Take your Podgekins to the farm with any toy animals you may have to look at.. or better yet, take them to the real farm! They can help make some special memories! 

We hope you found these ideas fun and inspiring and enjoyed our 10 Creative ways to play with your Podgekins Doll! 

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